Psalms / Salamo 100:5
For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations. Aua e lelei Ieova; e faavavau lava lona alofa; e oo atu lava lona fa’amaoni i lea tupulaga ma lea tupulaga.
-Thanks and praise is right in recognition of God’s goodness. He is good in His plans, in His grace, in His forgiveness, in His covenant, and good in every aspect of His being
-O le faafetai ma le viiga e tatau i le Atua ona o lona lelei ma lona faamaoni. E lelei i ana fuafuaaga, o lona alofa tunoa, o lona faamagaloina, o lana feagaiga, e lelei i mea uma  e tusa ma lona paia ma lona mamalu.


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Rev. Dr. Tavita Pagaialii – Feb 28, 2019
The importance of being called by God (Acts 9:3-19).
Significance of the “3 CONSISTENCIES,”
1) Pray consistently
2) Read the Bible consistently
3) As Pentecostal, baptized by the Holy Spirit, we need to speak-in-tongues consistently. 
Rev. Dr. Tavita Pagaialii – March 3, 2019
Galuega 9:1-6
Fesili: Pe ete mana’o e faaali le Atua ia te oe?
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Rev. Dr. Tavita Pagaialii – Feb 23, 2019
Building a temple for God. It was king David’s desire to build a temple for God, but it was his son Solomon whom God chose for such great work. King David encouraged his son, prepared and gave joyfully the best of his riches for the building of the temple (1 Chronicles 28:2, 9, 11-20). David though did not fulfill his desire, he gladly did his best to make sure God’s temple is built by his son. Individually we are His temple, and we must do our best to build it. His church is His temple and we must also build it with our best. So as we go to church, may He grant us the desire to be His temple and may we do our best to keep building it with courage, joy, and integrity. Blessings!!!
Rev. Dr. Tavita Pagaialii – Mar 9, 2019
“Never forget your humble beginning.” Everyone has a unique beginning in life. Somehow it reminds you of how great God is as He brought you this far. David had to learn this when God spoke to him through the prophet Nathan saying “Now then, tell my servant David, I took you from the pasture and from following the flock, to be ruler over my people.” (1 Chronicles 17:8). What a humble beginning for this great man of God, following sheep in preparation to be a leader leading people. But God had to remind him lest he forgets. Wherever you are in your walk with God, remember where and how He brought you up until today. I assure you it will keep you on your feet to keep walking in humility as you fulfill His call in your life. So as we go to church this Sunday, worship and remember your humble beginning where He manifested His love and called you to be His. Blessings!!!
Rev. Dr. Tavita Pagaialii – Mar 16, 2019
Giving motivation is recognizing where wealth comes from. King David’s prayer of praise as he and the people of Israel gave gifts for the building of the temple said this, “Wealth and honor come from you…” (1Chroncicles 29:12); “… Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.” (vs. 14). When we know that God owns everything, and we are just stewards of His wealth, we will be motivated to give Him back what He gave us. God tests our hearts whether we can give with integrity, doing the right thing, which pleases Him (vs. 17). God has made giving as an avenue of blessings. When we give, He will bless. It’s just as simple as that. So as we go to church this Sunday, worship and give back what God has given you. Enjoy giving to God, it’s His way of blessing you. …….Blessings!!!
Rev. Dr. Tavita Pagaialii – Mar 30, 2019
 “. . . only be strong and courageous.” (Joshua 1:18b NIV). This was the response from the people of Israel to Joshua when he told them the word of the Lord. It is great when people encourage their leader and committed to hear and follow him. Imagine a journey where a leader infront being encouraged and motivated by his followers? All he does is casting visions for his followers and continue leading by the Spirit and the word of the Lord. This is incredible in leadership, when followers encourage their leaders by obedience, commitment, and loyalty. When followers honor, speak highly, support and lift their leaders up in prayers, great things happen, visions fulfilled, and dreams become fruitful. Sometimes this is one missing ingredient in leadership, followers speaking life into their leaders. So as we go to church this Sunday, worship and take this to heart. Be one of those who can commit to moving the work of God forward by encouraging your leaders. . . . Blessings!!!
Rev. Dr. Tavita Pagaialii – Apr 13, 2019
Unity is in knowing your Identity and Purpose. When you know who you are in Christ, and why you are where you are now inspire unity. The bible says “. . . if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation . . .” (2 Cor. 5:17). His purpose is for you to be His ambassador representing Him in this world (vs. 20), that the world be reconciled unto God, so that people might be the righteousness of God (vs. 21). Such mindset creates and inspires unity in the home moreover the church. The enemy will always do everything to bring about division and disharmony. But God is more powerful than the devil, and if His people understand their Identity and Purpose for which they were created, they will enjoy life with God. So as we go to church this Sunday, worship Him who has made you according to His will and purpose. . .Blessings!!!
Rev. Dr. Tavita Pagaialii – Apr 19, 2019
The presence of God at Calvary was revealed in the events which surrounded Christ’s death. Sudden darkness from the sixth to the ninth hour, temple curtain torn in two from top to bottom, the centurion’s praise declaring Jesus as the righteous man, Joseph the Arimathea’s act of kindness towards Jesus body, and the women who followed and served Jesus, who went home and prepared spices and perfumes for His burial (Luke 23:44-55 ; Matthew 27:45-61). All these point to the fact that although Jesus died at Calvary, His presence and power was still revealed in nature and people who were there. The importance of Easter is responding to the question, is His presence revealed in and through us? If it does, then the death of Jesus has served its purpose, in that salvation and eternal life is now our sure inheritance. So as we go to church this Sunday, rejoice that God’s presence has been revealed at Calvary, moreover in us His children.. . .Blessings!!!
Rev Aifa Tanuvasa – Feb 24, 2019
Tafea ese / Drifting Away – Eperu 2:1
Fesili: How can we stop ourselves from drifting? 
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